Rescue Run

Nov 19
Sorry, this event is over.

Rescue Run

Adult from NZ$2500+GST (Per Team)

Is it possible to challenge your fitness and save a life at the same time?

You’re about to discover New Zealand’s newest (and craziest) fundraising event.

The Rescue Run will take place on November 19th at Woodhill Forest and will involve teams of six negotiating their way through simulated disaster zones including an earthquake, flood and mudslide!

​Most importantly, your inclusion will help fund the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust. Why? Because there’s never been a better time to save a life! So pull your team together and register now to be part of the inaugural Rescue Run. Spaces are limited to 100 teams so get in now; don’t miss your chance.

Rescue Run is not your typical ‘Mud Run’ – it is so much more.

On a scale never-before-seen in New Zealand (or the world!)… these obstacles are extreme.  We’re talking a 60-metre-long flood zone made out of concrete & lined with clay… Mudslides that are bigger than you can imagine!  The course is designed and vetted by emergency services experts – the best professionals out there.  

This will be an experience to rival all other adventure races.