Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park


Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park

Adult from NZ$30
Child from NZ$15 (5-15 years inclusive)

Our wildlife park is set amongst beautifully maintained New Zealand bush, offering easy walking in all types of weather.

Feed animals that are found wild around the country such as deer, himalayan tahr, wallabies and wild pigs.

Visit the Kea, New Zealand’s infamous alpine parrot in their walk-through aviary. Stroll through our waterbird wetland, and look out for the native birds living wild around the park.

Pat and handfeed the sociable farm animals – alpacas, donkey, emus, sheep and more.

Hundreds of Rainbow and Brown trout can be fed in the stream and spring-fed pools, and viewed at eye level through a window below their pool. Spot some of our large native long-finned eels lazing in their pools.

Drink straight from our natural freshwater spring, and take our elevated treetops walk in a secluded area of the park.

In a separate area lives a large pride of African Lions that can be seen all day in an enclosure allowing visitors to get right up close to these wild animals.