Rotorua Canopy Tours


Rotorua Canopy Tours

Adult from NZ$179
Child from NZ$149

Our New Zealand zipline adventure activities are an experience of a lifetime. Deep in the native treetop canopy, you’ll experience New Zealand’s ancient forest like never before.

Original Canopy Tour – 3 hours

Your guide will show you what New Zealand was once like from the top of the forest canopy on this award-winning three-hour tour. In between the thrill of ziplines and suspended tree bridges, you’ll see and hear the resident native birds as they flit amongst the tree canopy around you. Create amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

Ultimate Canopy Tour – 3.5 hours

The Ultimate Tour is higher, longer and 100% more spectacular. This 3.5 hour experience features 1.2km of ziplines (the longest is 400m!). It includes a suspended cliff-face walkway, swing bridges, controlled descent and an impressive spiral staircase. Glide across wide open valleys, deep gorges and lose yourself in this untouched forest.